XP_Key_Changer 2.0

XP_Key_Changer changes the registration key of your Windows XP
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XP_Key_Changer is a program to change the registration key of your Windows XP.
The program finds the current product key for your Windows XP, along with the installed Windows Version and Service Pack.

You can then replace the product key, and the registration info, with whatever you want.

The demo version allows only to find the Windows Version and Service Pack.

One possible use of this tool is to clone the same Windows XP installation in several machines, and then apply the right license number for each computer.

Another thing that can be done is to apply a legal version number to an installation that has been done with a non legal registration key. This way you can access to updates through the Windows Update service.

It also allows to change the registration info in those machines that changed their owner. This is very common in offices with multiple machines and employees. The real owner of the license is the company, but sometimes the people installing the software inputs the employee name.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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